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The following businesses and events are examples of various SM3 social media management. Some are currently being managed on a daily basis, some were set up and then managed by the business, and some have been contest management.  

To view the business information, click on the logo and "Go to link" to view their Facebook page. 



"Barb with SM3 is amazing.  My family owns a carpet cleaning business and like all small businesses there is always more work that needs done and never enough time to do it.  Barb set-up our facebook account, manages posts, contacts clients with questions, runs promotions, and much more.  I recommend Barb to any person or business that wants social media, but does not have the time or talent to perform those tasks.  It was cheaper and easier for us to outsource our social media than to teach us how to do it."

Crystal --Guarantee Carpet Cleaning, Bowling Green, OH

"Recently SM3 ran my business anniversary contest on Facebook. We had a brief meeting. They helped me plan the prizes then I sent them a few photos and I was done.  They set it up, did all the reminder postings, chose the weekly winner, contacted me as well as the winners. The contest "buzz" on Facebook increased my online presence and generated a lot of new "likes" to my page. If you are an overworked business owner and know you need to have more of an online presence let SM3 take care of it!"

Pam Weirauch-Pam's Corner, Ltd.



"Even though I didn't win anything...I love this contest because it was well run and seemed need to enter every day like some other hoo hahs that require a daily entry....keep up the great job and food!"

Feedback a client received during a contest SM3 ran on the Facebook page

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